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The Guitar Workshop

Guitar Workshop

All Initial Assessments are free to new Student/Parents. Re-string and setups are our most common service. But we undercut everyone in the north east region by at least 50% and have instruments available within 48hrs - for current students.

Annually Signed Up Customers with two free Check Ups;

This is our checklist for an Academic Yearly Customer.

* Initial assessment

* Remove strings

* Clean body, pickups, neck and headstock

* Clean fretboard

* Clean and polish frets

* Install strings

* Check neck relief and adjust

* Check sting action and adjust

* Ensure correct intonation

* Check pickup height

* Clean body, pickups, neck and headstock


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call or WhatsApp 0892246215


Re-Strings and Snapped strings can be next day pick ups when the instrument is belonging to a current student. 

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