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Drogheda Music Academy Terms and Conditions

We added terms and conditions to our website. We don’t have a zero-tolerance policy, it is a way to make our students, parents, and carers aware of our terms of business. We welcome any discussion through admin during time constraint lessons.

Playing Piano


We regret that weekly payments cannot be facilitated. Please see our fees section for once off classes. 


Failure to pay fees in a timely fashion will result in suspension of classes, until balance has been paid.


Lessons are arranged by terms (not weekly) in private lessons on a one-to-one basis, with Teaching Council of Ireland Registered Teachers, educated to Masters Level in Music/Music Technology and fully qualified with Diplomas in Education at Level 8 to teach Adults, Teenagers and Children – Neurodiverse and Neurotypical. When you book a lesson no other students can book this time, for a Full Term.


Drogheda Music Academy does everything to keeps a student up to speed with their curriculum when a lesson might be cancelled by the student. We appreciate as much notice as possible. Teachers are contracted and paid for both preparing lessons and being present at the school to deliver your scheduled lesson. Failure to pay fees in a timely fashion will result in suspension of classes, until balance has been paid; each delayed week will result in an additional administration fee of €2.50 per student. E.g. John is unable to pay his fees until Week 2 - He will be charged his Term Price + €2.50 administration fee. Your teacher along with our overheads need to be paid in advance as we will always be available. Unfortunately in some cases students had attended lessons, and the funds were not available. 


We regret we cannot reschedule all missed classes as that is too great a financial burden on the Academy. Please ensure that your agreed lesson schedule affords you enough time to be present for your lessons.


If a student does not show up for an unpaid term, it will be used to defray cost involved  - in providing our students with the highest quality teachers from Dublin to Belfast. e.g., A new student absent Weeks 1,2,3 - their term will become available again.

We are not inflexible nor lacking in compassion and understanding. Please do discuss all private issues with Administration.

Your teachers are human. It is possible that they may have to cancel a class due to illness, family emergency, public performance etc. This doesn’t happen often. In the event of teacher absence, Drogheda Music Academy will endeavour to arrange a suitable substitute teacher. If not possible, the lesson will be made up at a later date, or before term end. If it is not possible to agree on a time for a rescheduled class, a full refund for that class will be made at the end of term.


Discounts are available for students learning more than one instrument and for siblings and family members who are studying at Drogheda Music Academy. These discounts will be automatically at the beginning of each term.


An agreed rescheduled class missed by the student will be deemed to have taken place and therefore will NOT be rescheduled or credited. Likewise, if a student is unable to attend a rescheduled class this will not be credited. Our teachers take time from their schedules for students.

Equipment, Instruments, Materials and Books

All of the above must be paid for in full before leaving the premises or will be subject to a €2.50 each time we contact a student/parent reminding them for payment.


All prices will be agreed prior to any work taking place on instruments & equipment. Some equipment may be subject to an Inspection fee, as we cannot replace parts without opening your amplifier/mixer. Your technician will always give as much detail as possible.  

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