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The Guitar Workshop

Guitar Workshop

We have a workshop for all stringed instruments at DMA and offer a 24 hour turn around service - but aim for 2 hours! All Initial Assessments are free to new Students. Re-string and setups are our most common service.

DMA offer this service at a reduced rate to students.


* Initial assessment (Free)

* We remove strings - on all guitar neck work and replace with a new set

* Clean body, pickups, neck and headstock

* Clean fretboard, and re-oil

* Clean and polish frets

* Install strings

* Electric Guitar Grounding, Humming Checks

* Electric Guitar Re-wiring

* Check neck relief and adjust

* Check sting action and adjust

* Ensure correct intonation

* Check pickup height

* Clean body, pickups, neck and headstock

Sample Costs:

New Bone nut cut and fitted (€25)

Floyd Rose Systems (€30)

Pickup Installation (First Pickup) (€20)

New Pots (Per item, Fitted) (€15)

Machine Head Replacement From (€20)

Broken Headstock From (€30)

Fret Levelling and Replacement Service POA

Guitar Amp Servicing - Crackling noises, jumping in volume (€75)

We recommend annual servicing for beginners.

Intermediate players who are performing at exams, halls, gigs and practicing regularly , will need string changes regularly. 

We offer discounts to advanced players for multiple instrument check-ins with reduced snap strings, changes, intonation checks, etc. 

We also repair and setup banjo’s, mandolins, violins, Ukuleles and basically anything with strings

Contact for Lessons & Workshop

Book Now:
WhatsApp 0892246215

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